Diddle Tinkers are suppliers of luxury, yet affordable children's furniture, unique nursery furniture and stylish children's accessories. Always staying ahead of trends and styles, Diddle Tinkers have gained a reputation for providing stylish designer nursery furniture and trendy children’s interiors not only here in the UK but to customers all over the World. We ship orders as far and wide as USA, Dubai and Australia. Diddle Tinkers provide stunning ranges of leading children’s furniture Brands. From newborn baby cots, right through to teenage playrooms and bunk beds, desks, rugs and highchairs, we have it all. Our range of Scandinavian children’s furniture, American styled raised toddler beds and British themed children’s playroom rugs and accessories grows by the day, and we are proud to offer selections from brands such as Oliver Furniture, Fiona Walker England, Oeuf New York, Mrs Mighetto, Bloom, Ferm Living, La La Loves Decor, Tobias and Bear, Kutikai, Mathy By Bols and Cam Cam to name but a few. 

Born in London UK, founder, Francesca Curry, created Diddle Tinkers Modern children’s furniture company back in 2014. She used her love of unique contemporary kids furniture, her interior design knowledge, and her own experience of finding incredible trendy baby and toddler furniture after having 3 beautiful children of her own. Her mission was simple yet adventurous - to create the world’s very best modern children’s furniture and accessory store online. Not only would Diddle Tinkers offer products from the very best brands, but Francesca made it her number one goal to answer every single customer query, email, call or text in person. 

Francesca combined her love of furniture with her 10 years of experience as a former children’s primary school teacher in England, and her degree in child psychology from Leicester, to source unique products and ideas from all over the world. Francesca travelled Europe, and then the World to meet with leading Brands. Before long, Diddle Tinkers soon had a reputation as being one of the main retailers of stylish Children’s furniture and accessories in the UK.   

Once the worlds best Brands were on board, Diddle Tinkers reputation took off within the parenting world. The Diddle Tinkers social media following on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter exploded, and pre-launch orders were being taken on every new product line. Customers were returning to Diddle Tinkers time and time again thanks to the personal touch from Francesca and the quality of her products. All the while, Diddle Tinkers own Brand was growing stronger and stronger by the second, with parents all over the UK Sharing Diddle Tinkers products, ideas and styles. 

Diddle Tinkers array of the very best Brands of children’s furniture and accessories from around the world, combined with the personal touch from owner Francesca Curry, created an army of loyal customers. From parents, aunties, cousins, siblings and even grandparents, everyone was eager for the next new, stylish product launch. 

The huge success of Diddle Tinkers led to articles in Newspapers and magazines such as Vogue, appearances at Babyccino, Baby London and much more. Francesca was inundated with advice, but she still, to this day, answers every query in person. Francesca's ideas took a lot of time, effort, and substantial investment to put into practice. But it was essential that Diddle Tinkers provided parents with long lasting, unique, high quality, yet affordable children’s furniture from around the globe. 

Not only did Francesca ensure that Diddle Tinkers always offered the best baby, toddler and teenage furniture, but she also wanted to offer a one-stop shop for children’s bedroom and playroom accessories such as wall decor, prints, animal heads, tipi's, play rugs, slides, learning stations, toys, high chairs, and so much more. 

Diddle Tinkers purpose is simple; to mix style, design, luxury, affordability and play for modern families, and transform toddler bedrooms and newborn nurseries across the UK and Europe. Diddle Tinkers want to enable families to create the ideal play and sleep environment for children and babies. 

Simply put - Diddle Tinkers UK supply a large range of modern Kids Furniture at incredible prices, sourced from the very best Brands from all over Europe, with not only design at the forefront; but with a moral duty to ensure they are ethically made. 

A minimalistic environment enables your child’s mind to stay focused and distraction free, and Diddle Tinker’s designer children’s furniture helps you to achieve this beautifully. We have researched, tried and tested the best products possible to create the optimum environment for your modern child whilst seamlessly blending in with your beautiful contemporary home. Diddle Tinkers features the most carefully selected and luxurious modern children’s furniture brands, to offer you, your children and your home, something contemporary and unique. Diddle Tinkers pride ourselves in sourcing quality modern children's furniture which are lovingly handmade, comply with ethical and eco-friendly guidelines, supporting creative mums wherever possible. 

They say these precious days don’t last forever, so let’s make them count, and enjoy them whilst we can and let our children have the best furniture and accessories, that we feel happy to share our home with! 

For more details, please email Diddle Tinkers at enquiries@diddletinkers.co.uk where we will be happy to help, advise and even take your order. We aim to offer a personal service from start to finish and pride ourselves in excellent customer care.