We have some exciting news

We have some exciting news

Its true, as seen on our Diddle Tinkers InstagramFacebook and Linkedin feeds this week, we are expecting baby number 3. We waited until all medical safeguarding tests were concluded before making the news public. But as a parent to 2 beautiful children already, not only did we find this news exciting, like many of our customers (we imagine) it came as a bit of a shock.

It has always been our goal to provide a sustainable, long term future for our children. By providing our children opportunities through means of good education and positive life influences, we believe we can point our Diddle Tinkers in the right direction. 

Although we currently stand with just under twenty thousand followers on Facebook and Instagram, not many of you will ever have seen much of our children. Its something we found hard to integrate into our branding. We see other business promoting products with head shots of their children, and although we don’t disagree with this policy, its simply not one we have yet fully come to terms with yet. That’s why you will see the back of our children’s heads in most shots, although we are coming round to the idea of sharing some more lifestyle images of the kids in some of the hundreds of tester products we have bought over the past 2 years. 

We simply cannot get our children out of the Teepee on a night. We keep it in the matching storage bag that comes with the Wildfire Teepee. Its neatly stored under the Flexa Twin beds we have in the room. There has been the odd occasion that we have forgotten to pack away the Teepee, and when we open the bedroom door, its as if we have just opened the door to a magical kingdom. The children’s eyes light up as the climb inside Wildfires first ever product tester. It still stands proudly on top of the matching black and white play mat. Wildfire were superb with us in the early days, and it was a match made in heaven when we agreed to work together. Wildfire don’t just think about the child, they think about the parent too. Aesthetically immaculate, the Wildfire Teepee almost becomes as easy to look at as a stylish table lamp. You don’t want to have to box your lamps away every time you have finished with them, so why would you want to pack away the Teepee. That’s why Wildfire carefully crafted monochrome designs which were suitable in any contemporary modern home. With just a hint of colour if needed (pink, yellow or blue), they have simply won the race to become the most prominent and beautifully designed children’s teepee’s around. 

As we approach the third trimester, a due date is on the horizon, and we, like hundreds of thousands of other UK soon-to-be-parents, are looking at nursery designs. Do we introduce colour to our nursery, do we stick with a monochrome scandi style, where do we put the other children, do we consider bunk beds, what about wardrobe space, which nursing chair supports my back while I breastfeed (which feels like it is about to snap with the weight of a growing summersaulting baby at anytime). 

Looking at the paragraph above, it was these types of hurdles which inspired us to create Diddle Tinkers in the first place. A one stop shop for designer children’s furniture with everything already considered, and with prior experience in mind. We learned from our mistakes some would say, but by creating Diddle Tinkers, we gained access to a world of children’s interiors fashion never before seen. Ideas from all around the globe  found their way into our product range, and carefully selected by me alone. I dint want to sell inferior products. My goals were far greater than that. I don’t mind setting high goals when I believe in the products I’m selling . wouldn’t dream of selling a cot to a first time mother which I didn’t feel 100% comfortable with, or know it was made with quality at the forefront of the manufacturers mind, rather than just another number on a conveyor belt in a factory. 

I enjoy being pregnant. I love breastfeeding my newborn to sleep on a night. I love the sound of little tippy tappy toddler feet as they learn to walk. And above all, I love that my other 2 children are as excited as we are. 

We take the time to meet our suppliers and it makes a huge difference to the way we purchase our stock. We get a feel for everything from designer cots to scandinavian toddler beds, from Animal Heads, to children’s bedding sets and ergonomic Olli Ella nursing chairs. 

Our desire to improve will never diminish, but neither will our goals to service every parent in the UK with exceptional designer children’s furniture.