Ikea Duktig Hack. Sharing a Living Space with Toys!

Ikea Duktig Hack. Sharing a Living Space with Toys!


Sharing a living space with.....toys!!

Let them be Little! Let them play! Indeed. But sometimes the overflow of plastic and TOYS can be a little overwhelming for us parents and sharing your home with them, whilst keeping both parties happy can seem impossible. Or is it?

ikea hack before and after.jpg

Our philosophy of Style, Design, Play got me thinking of how we can optimise this at home, without compromising on our children's creativity as well as turning our home into a bomb site, which it is 99% of the time. Our two Diddle Tinkers love role play and I could not find a toy kitchen that was modern looking which I could stare at and be inspired by. So the Ikea Kitchen Hack was BORN.


Firstly, I got some light sanding pads and gloss white paint. I wanted the kitchen to blend in with our kitchen so bought some marble contact paper from eBay, and black spray paint from Wilkos.

I took the kitchen apart, and in actual fact it wasn't that bad as the harder bits to assemble (the doors and hinges) could stay put. I set aside a few hours and chose a day with dry weather and sanded each compartment and pained the one side or each panel. I left it out in the sunshine and it was touch dry within 6 hours. I then did the other side and luckily, one coat was enough.

ikea hack FINAL.jpg

I sprayed the tap, bowl, feet, bar and hooks and the glossy finished looked great!

I then placed my marble vinyl paper over the work top and used a Stanley knife to trim the edges. I also used the contact paper for either side of the shelves next to the microwave part and it looked great!

Accessories: I bought some Buddy and Bear (www.buddyandbear.com)plates and cups to hold the utensils in, some crockery from Design Letters (www.designletters.dk) and had Fairy Bobbins (www.facebook.com/fairybobbins) knock up some kids oven gloves and tea towels from some monochrome material which I ordered from Etsy. Oven hob knobs are on their way and will be glued on, but as I've now got 'the bug' I think I'll add some tiled contact paper to make a back splash. But for now, this is the final outcome of project Ikea Duktig Hack


In time for our 2 year olds birthday, we also have the Jupiduu Slide (www.diddletinkers.co.uk/shop/browseall/jupiduu) to create the perfect playroom and our 2 and 4 year old didn't ask for the IPad or CBeebies ONCE! Success!

The one thing I would suggest, is PLAN and MAKE time. I actually found this quite therapeutic, but it has taken me months to finally get around to doing it. But the fact the children have a playroom that we don't mind sharing with, that ignites imagination and doesn't require the intervention of technology makes it all worth it.

ikea hack playroom and slide.jpg